Our Story

Hastings & Co. is a micro-brand watch company based in Canada and founded in 2016. While our brand is still quite young, our roots and our inspiration extend much further back.

Our Inspiration

When we began on this journey, we set out to create stylish, authentic, yet affordable timepieces for men that upheld the standards of watchmaking’s artisanal past. We found our inspiration in the 1920s — that paradigm-shifting post-war period where attitudes towards style, design, art, culture, and the wristwatch, changed dramatically. Until that point, pocket watches were still the go-to when it came to men’s fashion. But with the wristwatch proving so practical during the war, and with modernist design movements like Bauhaus taking hold, the men’s wristwatch was re-born as an elegant, stylish accessory that watchmakers designed to meet the needs and standards of the time.

Our Design

It is this period of innovation, craftsmanship and fashion that we aim to capture in every Hastings watch. Our designs pay homage to a time when intelligibility, accessibility, elegant mechanics and subtle sophistication mattered above all else.  

Our Belief

It’s our belief that a watch doesn’t need to be a high-tech, do-it-all smart device to have value in today’s rapidly-accelerating world. We’d rather draw attention to the clean lines, authentic functionality and genuine materials of traditional 20th-century watchmaking. And in the spirit of accessibility, we also work hard to remove exorbitant retail markups while still delivering watches with premium, high-quality features. 

Our Future

In carrying forward these principles, we celebrate timeless styles and pay homage to the time-honoured traditions of our craft.